Poll: Who’s Given Us The Most Shocking ‘American Idol’ Moment?

Robbie Daw | April 8, 2011 8:35 am

Oh, American Idol–you wicked, wicked beast. We’re literally still reeling and crying into our Corn Flakes over the scandalous, far-too-soon exit of our Season 10 Idol Power List fave Pia Toscano from the show. But she’s hardly the only upset viewers have had to endure since the series hit the air way back in 2002. Of course, the good news for Pia is that, as we’ve learned over the years, you don’t necessarily have to make it to the AI finish line to achieve great success. Head below to vote for who you think has made the most shocking exit from American Idol in the past 10 seasons.

First, here are just a few reminders of those who surprised us by either not winning, or leaving the show earlier than we expected:

Season 1 — Tamyra Gray voted off in Top 4.

Season 3 — Jennifer Hudson voted off in Top 7.

Season 5 – Chris Daughtry voted off in Top 4.

Season 8 — Kris Allen wins over Adam Lambert.

Season 10 — Pia Toscano voted off in Top 9.

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