Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Unquestionably Enticing ‘Love?’ Track List

Idolator Staff | April 9, 2011 12:53 pm

While the album title leaves it a little ambiguous, there is no question mark needed when referring to the adoration fans have for J-Lo’s “comeback.” Now we have less than a month to wait until Love?‘s May 3 release date, when we will really know if the Pia-mourning diva’s latest LP is more On the 6 (hit!) or more Brave (flop). In addition to the (already) club standard “On The Floor” and Lil Wayne-assisted single “I’m Into You,” the Lady Gaga-and-RedOne-penned “Invading My Mind” also appears along with 9 other tracks (or 13 in the deluxe version). Check it out below.

1.   On The Floor feat. Pitbull 2.   Good Hit 3.   I’m Into You feat. Lil Wayne 4.   (What Is) LOVE? 5.   Run The World 6.   Papi 7.   Until It Beats No More 8.   One Love 9.   Invading My Mind 10. Villain 11. Starting Over 12. Hypnotico

And on the deluxe version, four additional tracks to love (?):

13. Everybody’s Girl 14. Charge Me Up 15. Take Care 16. On The Floor (Ven a Bailar) feat. Pitbull

It’s interesting to note that the only two songs featuring guest artists are the two that have been released as singles. Hopefully the J-Lo solos will be able to stand on their own?