UPDATE: Hear Lady Gaga’s New Single “Judas”

Robbie Daw | April 15, 2011 11:00 am

Harper’s Bazaar cover girl Lady Gaga might be clutching the Rosary today over her new Born This Way single “Judas” popping up online, ahead of its official April 19 release date. A low-quality snippet of the song was doing the rounds, but now the full song has now surfaced. Hear it below! “Judas” appears to combine dubstep, dance-pop and even heavy metal elements into one fast-paced oddity of a tune. We’re just still laughing, all Beavis And Butt-head-like, over Gaga employing the words “hooker,” “prostitute” and “wench.”

Check out this snippet, courtesy of PopCrush.

If anything, this short bit of the song proves that these lyrics, at least in part, are bunk.

UPDATE: Here’s the full song…

[wpaudio url=”//static.idolator.com/uploads/2011/04/01-Judas.mp3″ text=”Lady Gaga – Judas (full song)” dl=”0″] From the intro to the chorus to Lady Gaga calling out her own name in the Judas-jude-ah-ah chant, “Judas” comes off as being reminiscent of her 2009 smash “Bad Romance.”

During her chat at Google’s headquarters last month, Gaga mentioned that “Judas is a man of the Biblical senses. So expect to see some symbolism in this video.”

What do you think of “Judas”? Is it another hit or a complete miss for Lady Gaga?