Cee Lo Serenades Oprah With Her Own Theme Song

Erika Brooks Adickman | April 15, 2011 9:46 am

For her farewell season, Oprah Winfrey can do whatever she pleases — she can fly her audience to Australia, go camping in Yosemite with Gayle and even have Cee Lo perform her 1998 theme song “Run On” live for her audience. The Voice judge opted for a rhinestone-studded outfit (because a bird costume in the Harpo Studio is just a no no) for his remix of the daytime host’s opening tune. “Where were you when I needed a song?” Mama Oprah kidded with the Lady Killer. Below, compare the “Forget You” singer’s version to the show’s original.

Here is Cee Lo’s rendition:

Just a little Oprah Winfrey Show trivia: “In 1998, Oprah took voice lessons so that she could sing her own theme song.” That’s right. Only Mama Oprah can get away with singing along to a pop star performing her own theme song (originally voiced by her) while on her own television show, for her farewell season.

And now, the original “Run On”:

Personally, we were kind of hoping Cee Lo would sing the infamous Patti LaBelle theme from 1996-98, “Get With The Program”.

Backstage post-show, Cee-Lo was asked what his theme song would be called. His answer: “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” (It would also make for a good album title, don’t you think?) What other theme songs would you like to see Cee-lo cover next?