Jennifer Lopez Dances For Her “Papi” In New ‘Love?’ Track

Idolator Staff | April 16, 2011 9:00 am

Given that her first two singles are the only collaborations with other artists on Love?, we recently wondered whether or not Jennifer Lopez would be able to carry the remainder of the album all on her own. Now the answer is here in the form of the Billboard Music Award performer’s “Papi,” produced by RedOne, the third single (already!) from J-Lo’s latest LP (dropping May 3). Listen to the Latina-tinged “On The Floor”-style club banger below.

While this track, like “On The Floor,” doesn’t bring anything new to the dance party table (or require J-Lo to learn any new tricks we didn’t already hear from her a decade ago), that isn’t really a problem. This track is totally club-ready and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t play just as well as “On The Floor.”

As if the world’s most beautiful woman really needs another boost to her ego!