Coachella 2011 Round-Up: Day 2

Becky Bain | April 17, 2011 10:49 am

Idolator is spending the weekend melting away in the desert sun in Indio, California at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival (read our recap of Day 1 here). Saturday’s lineup was light on the pop, but we powered through the day’s rising temps to get to the climax of our Saturday — getting our disco diva on during the Scissor Sisters’ late-night set. Jump below for all of the details of Day 2:

MOST FABULOUS: As if this superlative could belong to anybody but the Scissor Sisters. While other festgoers were feeling the mellow, ethereal vibe of Arcade Fire on the main stage, the disco-pop outfit started a dance party in the Mojave tent that got everybody’s booty shaking and heart palpitating. We’d place them right up there with Robyn as an act that deserves a bigger stage to strut their stuff on.

BEST DRESSED: Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, sporting a shimmering disco ball hoodie, seen above. (What did you expect him to wear, cotton? Pshh!)

MOST RIDICULOUS: A few wacky energy-creating devices were spread throughout one section of the grounds – a swing, a see-saw, and a bunch of bicycles, all said to create energy that helps power the lights when activated by manual force. Basically, this is the only way you can get hipsters to exercise.


BIGGEST RELIEF: Everyone seemed to know who Arcade Fire was!

PEOPLE I DIDN’T SEE: All of these celebrities.

MOST DAZZLING LIGHT SHOW: Animal Collective began their show on the Coachella stage with a magnificent, foreboding light spectacular. If you weren’t on drugs while watching it, you probably felt like you were.

BIGGEST SELF-REVELATION: I like Mumford & Sons! I’ve been aware of all the good press and outstanding reviews that the English folk rock band has received the past year, but never thought it was much my cup of Chamomile. But last night, the group busted out one of the most passionate, enthusiastic performances of the whole weekend (complete with debuting a new song, “Lover In The Light”), getting the massive crowd to jig along to their knee-slapping tunes — myself included. You just picked up a new fan, fellas!

MOST INTERACTIVE: Arcade Fire hoisted a mysterious black box above the stage, and only revealed its contents at the end of their show (right before a four song encore) – out poured hundreds of glowing balloons, many of them changing color in sync. You felt like the belle of the ball if you were lucky enough to snag one.

THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER EATEN: A red velvet cookie ice cream sandwich with red velvet ice cream. I’m drooling all over again looking at this photo. I may just buy another one today as I’m baking in the 100 degree heat and pat the sweat off my face with it like a gym towel.

Come back tomorrow to get the full scoop on the final day of Coachella, including just how late Kanye West will inevitably begin his headlining set. (We’re taking bets – my friends say 45 minutes late, I’m putting my money on a solid hour.)