Patrick Stump: The Idolator Interview

Becky Bain | April 20, 2011 6:00 am

Patrick Stump might be on a solo tour right now, but he assures us that it’s been anything but lonely. “I haven’t been wanting for company,” the Fall Out Boy frontman-turned-one-man-band told us during a chat before his two sold-out shows at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. “I’m definitely surrounded by people. It’s a solo tour but it’s not sitting up there [alone].”

During our exclusive sit-down with the velvet-voiced soul punker, Stump discussed what it’s like playing with a whole new group of guys, what Fall Out Boy might sound like when the boys get back together (he says he’ll be “surprised if we never did another record”) and why he finally caved in to tweeting. Video interview after the jump! Stump, who sang, played guitar, piano and a teeny-tiny trumpet during his back-to-back Hotel Cafe gigs, also sat down with our friends at Buzznet and revealed the tricks he picked up while filming his “Spotlight” video and the differences between his EP Truant Wave and his forthcoming full-length album Soul Punk (which may get a late July release). Check out that interview here, then watch our own Q&A below:

Patrick mentions that he’s a big fan of Pete Wentz’s new pop outfit Black Cards, and Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley’s new metal act The Damned Things. He also assures us that there’s no bad blood between bandmates. “Bands aren’t monogamous relationships,” he says. “I didn’t marry Fall Out Boy. And by doing other things, I’m not cheating on them.”

As for being totally against Twitter at first and then changing his tune, he explains, “It becomes more of an action than an inaction to not be on Twitter. It’s almost like not having a phone at this point. Someone explained to me, it’s almost like you not going out and shaking hands [after a show]. It kind of came off as arrogant.” The real bonus of Twitter? “Food trucks.” (We could not agree more.)

So what does the producer/musician/singer/songwriter want to try and do next? “I want to try theater and proper acting,” he tells us, mentioning that he’s also writing a few scripts. “I take art seriously. I don’t want to just fuck with it and be an idiot. I don’t want the vanity project.”

As for his solo material, this isn’t a one-off thing. Says Stump: “I intend to do this hopefully forever.” We certainly hope so, too.

Check out Patrick’s official site, read his Nervous Breakdance Tumblr and follow him on Twitter, now that he’s using it and all. And head by iTunes to download Truant Wave if you haven’t already.