Eliza Doolittle Talks To Us About Style, Kanye And Coachella

Becky Bain | April 19, 2011 12:28 pm

We already knew Eliza Doolittle knew how to get everybody bouncing — she was one of the performers at our Pray For Pop party at SXSW, after all. So it was no surprise to see the British pop gal make the fest-goers (and even the trees!) at Coachella shake it during her early afternoon set on Sunday.

To celebrate Ms. Doolittle’s debut album finally being released in the U.S. today (stop by iTunes and pick it up, y’all!), we had a chit-chat with the “Rollerblades” singer after an autograph-signing outside the Gobi tent. She discussed the trials of making it big here in the States, her growing shoe collection and why she’s “perving” on everyone at the music fest. Head below for our one-on-one with Eliza! Idolator: You’re a regular at music festivals at this point, right? Eliza Doolittle: I’ve done loads in the U.K., but not many out here. [I’ve done] South By Southwest! There’s so many in the U.K.! T In The Park is really cool. It’s just music – there’s no distractions. There is another one called the Secret Garden Party where you can get your fortune told and there’s magic everywhere. Everywhere you look is beautiful. But T in the Park and V Fest is just straight music – just tent and tents.

This is your first time at Coachella. What are your initial thoughts? It’s very beautiful. Nothing beats being with the palm trees and the pink flowers, and all the beautiful people – I’m just perving over everyone!

Who have you seen so far that has really impressed you? I saw Mumford & Sons and they were amazing. I’m  looking forward to seeing Tinie [Tempah] and Kanye.

You did a recent cover of Kanye’s “Runaway”. What made you want to tackle that song? I just loved the song. I’ve got a few covers under my belt, but I thought, since he’s headlining, I might as well throw together a little tribute.

Congrats on the release of your album in the U.S.! How has it been trying to break into the pop scene in America? I’m still really brand spanking new to the U.S., and I’ve only come here before for a few promo trips. I haven’t even really worked my butt off yet, I know that’s to come because it’s a really hard country to be heard in. I know the radio is really different here.

How so? [In the UK] everything would be played on one radio station. There’s tons of radio stations, but they’re not all dedicated to one genre. There might be more of a youthful station or more of an adult station, but there’s still a variety of music — it’s not like it’s just R&B or just pop. It’s all different, and I have no idea how that whole system works. It’s all new to me.

Who are your musical role models? I love Stevie Wonder. I’d love to be just like him one day. I love Carole King, I love great songwriters like [Burt] Bacharach. I love Radiohead. I love Pharrell Williams. Did you get to see Pharrell perform with Odd Future on Friday? Fuck off! I love Odd Future, too! I was away on Friday.

Every time we see a photo of you, you’re wearing something fun. Today you’ve got on a giant headdress and some sea-foam shorts! What inspires your style? Definitely just having fun with it and playing with it. Music and fashion is so much fun to me. I like to express myself through both. I love colors and short shorts and high top Nikes. I like to experiment.

You seem to have quite the growing shoe collection. I think we’re coming up to around forty.

Oh, I thought it could be in the hundreds at this point! Not there yet! I’m starting to get a bit more obsessed. I’m getting deeper and deeper into this. I’ve got a friend who works for Nike in London, I’m like, “Hey, man!”

*   *   *

Visit Eliza’s official site and become a follower on Twitter. And don’t forget to pick up her debut album, now out in the U.S.!