The Best Review Of Beyonce’s “Girls (Who Run The World)” On The Internet

Becky Bain | April 20, 2011 11:48 am

Beyonce’s new jam “Girls (Who Run The World)” has been receiving mixed reviews since it debuted earlier this week, but according to Kevin and Makael, anyone who enjoys the singer’s latest offering is wrong, wrong, wrong. The Awl points us to The Skorpion Show on YouTube, hosted by two over-enthusiastic Beyonce fans who are, to put it extremely mildly, not pleased with the diva’s latest single. Enjoy Kevin and Makael’s passionate, 7-minute review below. (Trust us, you will enjoy it.)

Our favorite moments:

** The audible gasp from the woman who enters when she’s informed that Beyonce’s new single has leaked.

** “This is not something I like from Beyonce.”

** All the Willow Smith hate.

** Kevin’s Mr. Rogers t-shirt.

** Giant, huge, pregnant pause from Makael, before finally finding the words: “I am so upset right now.”

** Makael’s indifferent (or is it just disappointed?) face throughout most of the video.

** “Who runs this house?? Who runs this house??”

** The fact that they still advise us to  go out and buy Beyonce’s single even though it’s “horrible dot com.”

** The fact that if Rihanna had recorded this, they would probably dance to it, but not Beyonce.

** Makael wanting to sit Beyonce down in a locked room.

Somebody please give these two their own VH1 show where they review pop singles. If they did, it would probably come off a lot like this.