‘American Idol’ Power List: Haley Powers Past Lauren

Becky Bain | April 22, 2011 10:10 am

Stefano Langone’s elimination from American Idol didn’t much change the Idol Power List this week, since Stefano had been dangling at the very bottom for awhile. (Let’s just say our mouths were not hanging agape when we heard he was voted off.) After the jump, find out where the six contestants left in the competition fall on this week’s Idol Power List.

Haley Reinhart (7 points), who gave us the best performance of the night on Wednesday, was able to switch places with the contestant whose performance disappointed us the most, Lauren Alaina (1 point). Even though Haley was in the Bottom 3 and had a point taken away from her, it was still enough to have her surpass the country-loving teen.

As far as the country-skewed contestant, Scotty McCreery, fares this week, he received 5 points, while metal fan James Durbin scored 4 points. Jacob Lusk racked up 6 more points, but since he was in the Bottom 3, he walks away with 5 for the week. And Casey Abrams, who we think has run out of steam at this point, gets 3 points for the week, leaving him in a tie with Jacob.

Of course, just because James is at the top of the list doesn’t mean he’s safe – just look what happened to Pia.


1. James Durbin (50, Last Week #1) 2. Scotty McCreery (45, Last Week #2) 3. Casey Abrams (35, Last Week #3 — TIE) 3. ↑Jacob Lusk (35, Last Week #4 — TIE) 5. ↑Haley Reinhart (31, Last Week #6) 6. Lauren Alaina (30, Last Week #5)

Check back every Friday to see how the contestants rise or fall in our power rankings! And, of course, we welcome debate in the comments.