Rihanna’s “California King Bed” Single Cover Art May Cause Drowsiness

Idolator Staff | April 23, 2011 6:51 am

Is it just us, or are we getting mixed messages from Rihanna these days? One minute, the Turtleneck & Chain contributor is cracking whips and topping charts with fellow dominatrix Britney Spears on “S&M,” and the next, she’s all lonesome and weepy in her “California King Bed.” The cover art for Rihanna’s latest Loud single gives us another taste of the softer side of David O. Russell’s muse, and not much more than that. Check out the full-sized version after the jump.

This “California King Bed” art is similar to the original “S&M” single sleeve, which feels more appropriate here than it did for that track. Still, we find this one pretty snoozy — even Rihanna looks like she might be stifling a yawn. If only we had our own California king bed handy, because this just makes us want to take a nice long nap.