Lady Gaga Opens Up In Her Latest HBO Special Teaser

Becky Bain | April 26, 2011 10:25 am

Lady Gaga broke down in tears in the last teaser for her HBO concert special, but she’s in a much more positive mood for the latest preview. Seen strutting down the streets of New York in her gravity-defying footwear and talking from the backseat of her limo, the “Judas” lover talks about her fans, her past, her humility, and how lying to herself and others somehow worked in her favor: “I’ve told so many people for so long that I was a superstar when I wasn’t. And then one morning I woke up and the delusion was real.” Preview below.

“I’m still the same person that I was six years ago before all this happened,” she claims. “I still walk down the same streets, and go to the same delis, and I drink my coffee the same. I always want a little dirt on my shoe.”

“I look out into that crowd, and I’m like, when the fuck did this happen? How did this happen?” she wonders. “Who created this?… I for sure didn’t. Its God, its for sure Jesus, it ain’t me. Because I’m not ridiculous enough to think for a second that I’m that powerful.”

She’s certainly powerful enough to sell out five nights at Madison Square Garden and warrant her own concert special.

Lady Gaga Presents: The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden airs on Saturday May 7 on HBO.