How Much Did Daft Punk’s ’87 Ferrari Sell For In That Japan Charity Auction, Anyway?

Robbie Daw | April 26, 2011 11:46 am

EMI has issued a press release that features some results of its charity auction for Japan disaster relief, in which the label says over 200 artists participated by donating personal items and memorabilia. Altogether, the label says its roster helped raise $940,000 for the Red Cross to use in supporting those affected by last month’s earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. Head below to see just how much Chris Martin’s jacket, Katy Perry’s cupcake trampoline (!!) and Daft Punk’s 1987 Ferrari featured in Electroma went for. EMI points out that the auctioned items (which were up on eBay as of April 5) raised $470,000, with the label itself doubling that amount for the grand total of $940,000.

Here’s how things shook out with some of the items:

* Original Jane Birken handbag: $163,000 * Daft Punk‘s 1987 Ferrari: almost $42,000 * Deadmau5‘s diamante costume head: $19,000 * Steinway grand piano used by Bono and Eric Clapton: $14,878 * Jacket worn on stage by Chris Martin: $14,060 * Private dinner with Herbert Grönemeyer: $10,792 * Signed copies of David Bowie‘s entire catalog: $10,138 * Handwritten “God Only Knows” lyrics by Brian Wilson & Platinum album for Beach BoysPet Sounds: $7,643 * A day on tour with Simple Minds: $6,891 * Handmade “ZERO” shirt worn by the Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan: $6,744 * Original painting from Iron Maiden: $6,466 * Cupcake trampoline used by Katy Perry on her current tour: $5,075 * Signed guitar offered by Japanese musician Miyavi $8,992

Admit it, you wanted that cupcake trampoline, too, didn’t you?