Justin Bieber Is Egged During Australian Concert, Gets Over It Easy

Idolator Staff | May 1, 2011 2:58 am

We always knew Justin Bieber had some very young chicks throwing themselves at him, but this is ridiculous. During his performance of “One Time” at a Sydney show on Friday, the contemplative teen star was nearly egged six times by some apparent non-Beliebers — though fortunately bad aim prevented any of the would-be omelets from directly hitting “Mr. Horny.” Is this some kind of meta-statement related to the Biebs’ controversial (and misquoted) statements about abortion in Rolling Stone? Is songwriter Heather Bright out for revenge? Or was an Aussie fan just dissatisfied with their singing toothbrush? Watch a video of the Sydney scramble below.

We sure admire Bieber’s pluck and professionalism at continuing his performance despite the dairy onslaught — clearly, the 17 year old star is no chicken. Alas, we’re not sure why anyone would pay such a price to get close enough to the cinematic hoop dreamer only to pelt him with their Easter leftovers, but let’s have a moment of silence for the unhatched youths who now will never grow up to know the joys of hearing “Baby” for the first time, shall we? That’s six less lonely chicks in the world, folks.