Listen To Snippets Of Beyonce’s Supposed Next Single “Till The End Of Time”

Idolator Staff | May 1, 2011 10:46 am

Good news for Kevin and Makael — Team Beyonce is already gearing up for her follow-up single to the underperforming “Run The World (Girls),” and from what little we can hear, it sounds like longtime fans of the starlet who were disappointed with her latest offering should be appeased with “Till The End Of Time.” But is it up-tempo enough for kids to shed some pounds to? Check out snippets of the goofy Euro-tripper’s new song below.

“Till The End of Time” – Beyonce by OMFGOMFGMusic

Taking a spelling cue from the equally-snippet-happy Britney Spears’ second Femme Fatale single “Till The World Ends” (which also followed a lead single that garnered mixed reactions from fans), this new song is rumored to be the label’s preferred single and may, in fact, soon replace “Run The World” as the track used to push Bey’s upcoming album.

As usual, we’ll wait until we hear the full song before weighing in on our own preference — but let’s hope for a better single sleeve, at least!

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