Nicole Scherzinger And 50 Cent Hit It “Right There” In New Single

Becky Bain | May 2, 2011 10:30 am

You may already be familiar with Nicole Scherzinger’s “Right There”, off her solo album Killer Love – the song has already been released in Europe – but we bet you haven’t laid ears on the version featuring rapper/actor/snow shoveler 50 Cent. Listen to Nic’s new single below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 Cent – Right There” dl=”0″] Not sure how much Fiddy adds to this song, but adding a superfluous rap verse to your pop song never seems to go out of style. All the better to make your mark on as many charts as possible, my dear! What do you think of Nic and 50’s collab? Tell us below.