Wynter Gordon Parties “Til Death” In Her New Video

Idolator Staff | May 9, 2011 10:29 am

What’s with dance divas getting so morbid lately? First Britney Spears pledges to shake it until the apocalypse, now Wynter Gordon is partying ’til she drops (literally) in her new video for “Til Death.” But despite the track’s grim title, this vibrant vid matches the upbeat jam’s club-time jolt of energy by taking us to a party we’d much rather attend than any thrown by The Lonely Island. Check it out below — there’s no danger you’ll be resting in peace with this song playing.

“‘Til death do we party, with the music I die,” Wynter sings over plenty of colorful visuals (including some gold confetti that makes us wonder if this is the same party we just saw Kelly Rowland at). Unfortunately for the crowd here, given the song’s subject matter, this party can’t end without a few fatalities.

We sure hope this terrific dance track catches on at the clubs! “Til Death” is from the dirty-talking dance diva’s upcoming debut album With The Music I Die, due this summer.