Lil Wayne Is Finally Into Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Into You” Video (Version 2.0)

Idolator Staff | May 9, 2011 12:37 pm

We hope it’s not chilly wherever you are today, because otherwise J.Lo’s latest video is bound to make you awfully jealous. After premiering a Lil Wayne-free version of the summery vid on “Today” last week, the “Hypnotico” singer lets her “I’m Into You” co-pilot make a cameo in the latest clip, though unfortunately you won’t catch the little graduate frolicking on the beach with a hunky soap star along with the underselling diva — Weezy remains indoors, against a plain backdrop, and he’s not even in shorts! (He is wearing sunglasses, though.) Check it out below.

Beyond the inclusion of the Bamboozle rapper in this edit, we get the same thing we did in the original: lots of sun, sand, waves, and J.Lo looking much more smoldering hot than should be allowed near ancient ruins — plus, of course, the “Papi” dance break with a “Judas”-esque hand-heart move (apparently, the Summertime Ball performer is too antsy to wait for that song’s vid to shoot, and had to include it here).

We might have preferred Lil Wayne to do his rapping while snorkeling or something to keep up the beachy theme, but we suppose J.Lo and William Levy do enough rolling around in the sand for one video.

What do you think? Are you into the Weezified version?