Cobra Starship Makes Sabi Feel Like Singing In “You Make Me Feel…”

Idolator Staff | May 9, 2011 3:00 pm

Good girls (and boys), prepare to go bad once more. It’s been a couple years since Cobra Starship reached the mainstream with the Leighton Meester-assisted “Good Girls Go Bad,” but now the snakes-on-a-starship are back featuring another female — in this case, Britney’s “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” pal Sabi, who joins the boys on “You Make Me Feel…” from the forthcoming LP Night Shades. The new tune is a pretty major departure for the band that got bested by Bieber, taking them in a David Guetta-esque Euro-dance direction. How will it make you feel? Head below to find out.

Our feelings on this one are pretty mixed. On the one hand, it’s a totally serviceable dance track, and Sabi’s vocals are much stronger here than in her weak, cringe-inducing “pot full of vegetables” rap on “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” (if only Britney had hooked up with Nicki Minaj sooner!).

But on the other hand, we’ve heard this synth hook before from other artists and frankly, it sounds like Cobra Starship may be trying too hard to keep up with the Euro dance trend while totally abandoning their old sound. They’re almost unrecognizable here.

Still, we can’t deny that it’s a catchy, summery anthem. So we’re torn!

How about you? Are you down with the Starship heading in a new direction?