Hear The ‘Glee’ Cast “Light Up The World” In Original Season Finale Song

Idolator Staff | May 10, 2011 9:48 am

The season finale of Glee is bound to bring up mixed emotions: on the one hand, it’s sure to be awesome. On the other, no more new Glee until fall! (Well, besides a North American tour and 3-D movie, that is.) Of course, the Rebecca Black-loving high school musical is primed to go out with a bang as greedy Gleek Ryan Seacrest has unveiled the tune New Directions will use to bring down the house at Nationals in the May 24 finale — and as promised, it’s another original song, co-written by the award-winning Max Martin. Head below to hear the cast “Light Up The World” — and, as a bonus, do Adele again with “Rolling In The Deep” from tonight’s episode.

“You and me, turn it up ten thousand watts / Tell me why we gotta stop?” the kids sing in this upbeat, “Firework”-esque anthem about shining brightly. We can only imagine that when New Directions unleash this on New York City in the finale, Nationals won’t know what hit them. With a jam like this, how could they not win?

Like non-cover “Loser Like Me,” “Light Up The World” is a collaboration between Martin and songwriter Savan Kotecha — and of course, will be appearing on Volume 6 of Glee: The Music.

And now for the latest in Glee-on-Adele, as Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff take on the oft-covered “Rolling In The Deep”: