Patrick Stump Goes Out With A Bang In His New Track “Explode”

Idolator Staff | May 10, 2011 12:39 pm

“If this is it, I wanna go out with a bang,” Patrick Stump sings on his new song “Explode” — a curious sentiment for someone whose solo career is just getting started. But as Vulture reports, the Fall Out Boy in hiatus is “gambling everything on this. If it doesn’t take off I’m gonna go broke, and I don’t care.” So there you have it. “Explode” features Stump’s unique, unmistakable vocals and the clever wordplay we used to expect from Pete Wentz and company. Check out the recent Idolator interviewee’s latest below.

In addition to kinship with previous tracks from Fall Out Boy, there’s a little Michael Jackson flavor in here, too — not too surprising, given his recent a cappella tribute.

How excited are you about “Explode”? So excited you could burst, perhaps?