Pharrell’s Studio Yacht Looks Hot N’ Fun (PHOTOS)

Idolator Staff | May 16, 2011 5:56 pm

Pharrell Williams is one tough pop star/producer. You think it’s easy shooting hot, fun music videos and dreaming up new tunes with beautiful, innovative talents like like Sara Bareilles and Oh Land? It’s not, we can assure you. That’s why we’re happy to hear that Pharrell occasionally finds time to get away. No, not to his $14 million Miami home/Family Guy temple. We mean he really gets away, to a massive yacht where (workaholic that he is) Pharrell can craft hits while riding the waves. Check out these photos from his BBC Ice Cream blog, and imagine how his haters must be agog over the never-ending revenge of the N.E.R.D. [Via 2DopeBoyz]