Justin Bieber Matures While Covering Ernie Halter’s “Come Home To Me”

Becky Bain | May 19, 2011 12:05 pm

Despite his extreme popularity, it’s hard not to think of Justin Bieber as a wide-eyed, goofy kid, but it’s time to realize that the 17-year old is getting older and wiser each and every day. He lost the little boy bowl cut, trails only behind Lady Gaga and Oprah on the Forbes Celebrity 100, is courting an older woman, and even his vocals have matured, as depicted on his graceful cover of Ernie Halter’s “Come Home To Me”. Listen to Mr. Bieber get emotional on the heartfelt tune below.

Justin Bieber – “Come Home To Me” (Ernie Halter Cover)

We almost didn’t recognize Biebs’ deeper-than-usual voice on this lovely, lovelorn track. Our little baby, baby, baby, oh is growing up so fast!

What do you think of Justin’s cover? And how many One Less Lonely Girl bouquets must Ernie Halter be sending Team Bieb for getting his song out to all 9, 700.000 of his Twitter followers?