Katy Perry’s Tour Rider Demands Seasonal Flowers, No Eye Contact

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 20, 2011 10:18 am

Pop stars are notorious for the extravagant and seemingly bizarre demands they make in their tour riders. Justin Bieber, for example, must have his Swedish Fish. And Van Halen was known for their infamous “No Brown M&Ms” rule. Typically, these stipulations serve for the artist’s comfort as much as they do for their safety. But with a 23-point driver checklist, Katy Perry might start getting a reputation for being more of a diva and less of a firework. Below are some of the highlights from the Cali girl’s six-page tour rider. Follow them to the letter — or watch the Teenage Dream transform into your worst nightmare. Katy’s dressing room must have:

“Two (2) floor lamps — French ornate style”


“Arrangement of fresh flowers – consisting pink. White and purple hydrengas. Pink & white roses and peonies. OR if the above selection is not available of seasonal white flowers to include orchids. ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.”

And among the 23 rules listed in the songbird’s Principle Driver Policy, the biggest rules include:

“The driver will not start a conversation w/ the client”

“Safety 1st! We are not in a chase!…When on the highway always use the far left lane”

“Do not stair (sic) at the backseat thru the rearvieuw (sic) mirror.”

For Katy’s entire tour rider head here. Do you think the Maxim Hot 100 vixen’s demands are unreasonable? If you were a pop star what would you list in your tour rider? Tell us below.

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