Lady Gaga Googles Herself To The Edge Of Glory In A New Chrome Ad

Idolator Staff | May 22, 2011 11:02 am

Listen up, little monsters! One might think that being as everywhere as Lady Gaga is these days would make “Googling oneself” unnecessary, but you’d be mistaken. Or so the Google Chrome commercial that premiered during the heavy metal lover’s guest stint on Saturday Night Live last night would have us believe. The born and bred (and damn proud of it) New Yorker is depicted jogging and dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge to her fishy single “The Edge Of Glory,” as well as using the internet to watch fan-made videos and communicate with her “beautiful” monsters. See it below.

We should’ve guessed the often scantily-clad pop star wouldn’t be jogging in sweatpants or a track suit. Still, after hatching from space eggs and roaming around with a blasphemous biker gang, it’s nice to see Gaga back in her natural habitat, doing relatively normal and relatable things like spending entirely too much time on YouTube (though she looks a lot fiercer at it than we ever do).