Justin Timberlake Belts Out A Pack Of Lies On ‘SNL’

Idolator Staff | May 22, 2011 11:44 am

Wait, there was someone else on Saturday Night Live last night besides Lady Gaga? Oh, that’s right — in all the gutsy, glorious “3 Way” excitement, we completely forgot about SNL mainstay Justin Timberlake actually hosting the rest of the show. But the always-reliable ladies’ man sure delivered in his opening monologue, promising he was not going to sing just before launching into a musical performance presumably titled “I’m Not Gonna Sing Tonight.” The ditty features the Social Network star singing about his refusal to do all kinds of things, right before he does them. Watch it below.

“Not gonna do that thing where my voice goes high,” Timberlake warbles in the vid while doing just that, somewhat channeling Glee‘s Will Schuester during the number. SNL has certainly taught us that the former boy-band frontman is willing to poke fun at himself, and it’s refreshing to see that that hasn’t changed a bit.

Besides, we all would’ve been pretty disappointed if he hadn’t sung at all, right?