Lady Gaga Drops By ‘The View’

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 23, 2011 1:05 pm

Lady Gaga was back on television today, but this time the pop star left her comedic chops at home. The “Born This Way” singer (who just released her album world-wide) spent the morning chit-chatting with the gals at The View. Rocking a whacky wig-on-wig (or sideways mullet) hairdo, the heavy metal lover opened up to the ladies about her tough times in high school, her real hair color and her advice to fans: “Be yourself and love who you are and be proud, because you were born this way.” Head below for show highlights — plus see the Mother Monster’s own mother in the audience!

The pop star on wanting to wear a mask to school everyday, and the effect high school bullies had on her life:

Mother Monster chats about her fam:

The gals discuss Gaga’s HBO special:

With seconds left in the interview, Joy managed to squeeze in one little bit of info that none of us needed to know:

Gaga’s momma looks like she and Barbara Walters share the same stylist — we’re totally shocked. Were you?