Greyson Chance Threatens To “Unfriend You” On ‘Ellen’

Becky Bain | May 23, 2011 4:15 pm

13-year old Greyson Chance is practically Ellen DeGeneres’ co-host at this point. Ellen’s premiere artist on her Eleven Eleven label dropped by the daytime talk show once again, this time to perform his new single “Unfriend You”. Yes, a whole song about the act of defriending someone on a social networking site. What’s next, “Tagging You In A Note”? Watch below.

Greyson Chance – “Unfriend You”

“You’re the best I ever knew, so I’m gonna unfriend you,” sings Greyson shakily on this breakup tune. We like the kid, but his off-pitch vocals are verging on unlistenable. He needs at least a few more years of voice lessons before he’ll be experienced enough to perform live on TV.

First, Greyson’s debut video gets piled up with product placement, and now his next single gets slapped with a buzz phrase that will inevitably become dated sooner than later. Is anyone managing this kid’s career, or is he just an empty marketing vessel?