Listen To Two New Charice Songs: “Louder” And “As Long As You’re There” From ‘Glee’

Becky Bain | May 24, 2011 11:35 am

Tonight marks the finale of Glee Season 2, and our second favorite guest star on the episode (other than the city of New York, of course) is the return of the joyfully named Sunshine Corazon, played by Charice, who performs an original song, “As Long As You’re There”. To coincide with her return on the hit show, the Filipino pop star has also released the lyrics video to her new single, “Louder”. Watch and listen to both tunes below!

Charice – “Louder”

“I’m gonna let my heart beat louder, my heart speak louder than my head,” belts out Charice on this gleaming, fast-paced slice of pop fun.

On tonight’s finale, Charice-as-Sunshine will perform an original ballad, “As Long As You’re There”, and get into a confrontation with Rachel Berry. Says Charice to USA Today, “Everyone knows that Rachel and Sunshine are rivals, that Rachel sent her to a crack house. But they’re going to talk about that, and Rachel’s going to be sorry and they’re going to create a friendship. So I won’t just be performing (the song); there’s a dramatic scene, which I’m really excited about.”

Glee Cast feat. Charice – “As Long As You’re There”

Creating a friendship is all well and good, but we kind of like Rachel even more when she’s shows off her competitive mean streak. Plus, we want more fierce “Telephone”-offs.

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