Lady Gaga Looking For A Man Like Enrique Iglesias For “The Edge Of Glory” Video

Becky Bain | May 26, 2011 10:46 am

Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory” video is shooting this weekend, and though we got the hint that something “fishy” might be happening on the video’s set, we’re still in the dark about what the video will actually entail. Fostering our curiosity even more, E! Online got their paws on a casting notice for the pop star’s new clip, and let’s just say if you’re an Enrique Iglesias impersonator — or, um, Enrique Iglesias — you may want to audition.

According to the casting notice, Gaga’s male compadre in the clip should be “Puerto Rican or Dominican type badass” that “must be willing to kiss Lady Gaga… Think Enrique Iglesias.”

She’s also looking for several male “Couture Doctors” to wear white smocks and black gloves – “Think Dr. 90210.”

The notice is also calling for a “male or female on-air reporter” and “a gaggle of military-type men who look intimidating while carrying—what else?—an M16 Rifle.”

Hmm, not one mention of a fish. So what on Earth is going to happen in this video?! Gaga goes under the knife before a hunky Latino type rescues her from a militia of even hunkier men? Share your best guesses below. Then re-watch our favorite Lady singing her third single from atop Castle Greyskull on last night’s American Idol.

[Via E! Online]