Michael Jackson Lives Again Thanks To… Nick Cannon?

Idolator Staff | May 26, 2011 5:25 pm

Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” turns 32 years old this year, which makes it just one year older than the latest artist to attempt MJ’s iconic moves: Nick Cannon. Mr. Mariah Carey, now a proud dad, just released a teaser video for his upcoming single “Famous”, in which Cannon boldly re-creates Jackson’s sparkly, silvery “Rock With You” body suit — and poorly re-creates his dance moves. Is this a Michael Jackson memorial Mariah would approve? Watch below

“I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, so to be in that ‘Rock With You’ costume and have it look exactly like the video was crazy,” the new father revealed to Rap-Up. “When it comes on, you can dance like you famous, drink like you famous, party like you famous.” (In other teasers, Cannon will take on the images of amply pantsed MC Hammer, viral intruder Antoine Dodson, KISS mastermind Gene Simmons and other performers). The single, which features the newly “family-friendly” Akon, is the first tune from Cannon’s Mr. Showbiz album.

All of this raises the question: what’s the best way to pay tribute to Michael Jackson? Is it to leave his image and music alone entirely? Is it to copy Jackson’s dance moves, as Chris Brown just did in “She Ain’t You”? (This time without tears.) Or is it to poke fun light-heartedly, as Cannon (a would-be comedian) did with “Famous”?

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