Victoria Justice Does Some Risky Business In Her “Best Friend’s Brother” Video

Idolator Staff | May 28, 2011 11:24 am

If you’ve got a secret crush you don’t want your best friend to know about, writing a pop song about it may not be the best way to keep it on the QT. But that’s part of the fun in Victoria Justice’s “Best Friend’s Brother” vid, in which the Victorious star belts very loudly and publicly about amorous feelings for her pal’s older sibling — but since it’s only a music video, the best friend in question doesn’t hear a thing and remains totally clueless. Head below to be let in on the secret.

Thanks to the “Beggin’ On My Knees” singer’s expressive face and good comedic timing, “Best Friend’s Brother” is a lot of fun. Since it’s light and tongue-in-cheek, moments like the pizza place dance-off and a Tom-Cruise-in-Risky-Business salute (along with some Cruise-esque couch-jumping) avoid being cheesy because it looks like Victoria and the gang are having such a good time. (Okay, well, maybe the “BFB” couch-drumming is still a little cheesy.) But lyrics like “He’s such a dream / And you’d know what I mean / If you weren’t related” make it clear that everyone here is in on the joke.

Victoria Justice co-penned this ditty with Savan Kotecha and Kojak for Victorious. We’ve been digging the jam ever since we exclusively premiered this song, and this upbeat video only adds to to our little crush on “Best Friend’s Brother.”

But shh — don’t tell!