Hear The-Dream’s Original Demo Version Of Beyonce’s “1+1”

Idolator Staff | May 28, 2011 1:58 pm

In case mathematics aren’t your thing (as they apparently are for Beyonce), here’s a little history on the “inspired” diva’s latest. Before “1+1” was a track on Beyonce’s upcoming disc 4 (or rehearsed backstage at American Idol), it was called “Nothing But Love,” written and recorded by The-Dream. (So no, this isn’t just The-Dream inserting himself onto a perfectly good track for no reason a la Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation.”) Could his demo possibly trump Bey’s album version of the tune? Head below to find out.

Rather surprisingly, we’re pretty into the hit-(and dud-)maker’s more R&B-flavored take on this song — possibly even more than we’re into Beyonce’s powerhouse belting.

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