Selena Gomez Aims For A Retro Look In Her “Bang Bang Bang” Single Sleeve

Idolator Staff | May 29, 2011 7:04 am

Who’s that very grown up-looking vixen on the single sleeve for the new song “Bang Bang Bang”? Surely it’s not… Selena Gomez? But of course it is — Justin Bieber’s beach babe dons a retro look (kneeling atop a rather retro rug) for her upcoming single, looking sultry and classy and a little bit like an old glamor shot of our mom she’s hidden away in a drawer. The cover art is definitely a throwback to old record covers of the 60’s (perhaps in honor of Cher’s similarly-titled 1966 single “Bang Bang”), while the full album cover for When The Sun Goes Down is a distinct tribute to the 20’s. So much nostalgia for a girl born in the 90’s! See the full-sized pic after the jump.

Pink will be happy to know that no animals could possibly have been harmed during this photo shoot.

“Bang Bang Bang” can be found on iTunes on June 7.