Nicole Scherzinger Is Boss With Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”

Idolator Staff | May 29, 2011 3:06 pm

Nicole Scherzinger always brings a certain X factor to her live performances. And the superstar stunner did just that with her cover of Adele’s towering “Rolling In The Deep”, performed live at a private Hugo Boss party in Monte Carlo. Is there anyone left who hasn’t tried their hand at this song? Nicole follows (in no particular order) David Cook, John Legend and Glee‘s Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff, to say nothing of the tributes-via-remix by Jamie XX and Mike Posner, and she hews fairly closely to the original. We were shocked when she dared to cover Tina Turner. Can she keep up with Adele?

You won’t find this one on Killer Love, of course — would it really fit alongside “Don’t Hold Your Breath”? But we’re surprised at how well Nicole applies her alto-into-soprano vocal style to Adele’s rich alto pipes. No offense to Pussycat Doll fans, but not many singers can keep up with Adele.

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[Via Rap-Up]