Watch Joe Jonas And Hear His Single “See No More” In Our Livestream Chat

Robbie Daw | June 3, 2011 2:53 pm

Extremely photogenic Jonas Brother gone solo Joe Jonas is here today to respond to the questions you’ve been submitting all week long  in our exclusive livestream chat with the 21-year old singer. He’ll also be playing his brand new single “See No More” while acclaimed artist Curtis Kulig creates a lyric video live in Hollywood while the tune plays. The action kicks off below at 3 p.m. PST!

Fans of Joe anxious to purchase “See No More,” which the singer co-wrote with chart-topping peer Chris Brown, will be able to grab the song off iTunes on June 13.

Joe told Idolator the track, with its dramatic strings, “grabbed my heart” when he first heard the basic version, produced by Digging-featured hitmaker Brian Kennedy, who was also behind the boards for such jams as Rihanna’s #1 single “Disturbia,” among others.

As he explained to E! News at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards:

“The song is about a relationship ending and you’re trying to get over it, but at the same time you’ve got these mixed feelings… you’re fighting everything of seeing that person. It sounds like a sad song, but it carries a cool beat to it.”

The song came together last year one day when Joe was working in the studio with Chris Brown (a credited co-writer on the song). Kennedy stopped by the studio, and Brown asked him what new beats he’d had stored on his laptop. Kennedy whipped out the “See No More” track, which he’d built from scratch while working in Nashville. Jonas and Brown went for it instantly. “It was just electric,” Jonas told E!.

When we asked Kennedy to sum up Joe’s connection with “See No More,” (a club/R&B track that departs quite a bit from his pop-rock days), he told us, “I feel like it matches who he is. It has this confident kind of vibe that’s perfect for him — a guy coming into a man. He’s actually coming into that new sound, it’s natural. It feels honest. It feels believable.”

Joe himself described his feelings about going solo this morning during an interview with Chicago’s B96 FM DJs J and Jillian.

“It’s exciting, you know? I mean, having my brothers’ support in this whole project is the biggest thing for me and the fact that they’re loving the music and everything,” he admitted. “Being onstage by myself, it will be different for sure. I know there’s going to be that little bit of jitters that I’ll have to get out of me that are just going to be there.”

As for Chris Brown, he had celebrated collaborating with Joe on “See No More” by tweeting that they “just did a smash” in early April. Ready to find out if Breezy was preaching the truth? Tune in below:

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Joe will be logged into the chat via Twitter, so look for @joejonas to answer your questions in the chat box.

Jonas’ full foray into solo stardom will come with his debut LP, which is scheduled for a September 6 release. You were on the market for a back-to-school soundtrack anyway, right?