See More Of Joe Jonas’ “See No More” Lyric Video

Idolator Staff | June 5, 2011 11:45 am

We’re willing to bet that Curtis Kulig isn’t the first person in the world to scrawl a Jonas brother’s lyrics across their wall, but he may be the first to be officially commissioned to do so (and whose parents didn’t demand that it be painted over immediately after). After getting a preview of the artist’s beautifully-scrawled penmanship of Joe Jonas’ “See No More” lyrics, we now have the official lyric video for the Breezy-co-penned tune, featuring Kulig at work and photogenic Joe admiring his handiwork. Who says watching paint dry can’t be entertaining? See it below.

Are you into the lyric video? Or were you hoping to see more Joe Jonas in “See No More”?