Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Alpocolypse’: Summer Preview

Erika Brooks Adickman | June 8, 2011 3:55 pm

Though we’re still recovering from our Memorial Day barbecue, we’re already knee deep into the best albums pop will be offering us this summer. Exactly a month after May 21’s uneventful un-Apocolypse, Weird Al Yankovic will release Alpocolypse, his first LP since 2006’s Straight Outta Of Lynwood. The music parody master is strapping on his accordion once again to bring us his brand of hilarious pop culture tributes and song spoofs we’ve come to love and look forward to over the past 30 years. Jump below to see who Weird Al will be skewering this summer.

ALBUM: Alpocolypse (Volcano), the 13th studio album from the prolific curly-haired singer.


SINGLES RELEASED SO FAR: Five songs (“Whatever You Like”, “Craigslist”, “Skipper Dan”, “CNR” and “Ringtone”) have already appeared on Weird Al’s 2009 EP Internet Leaks, in addition to the lyrics video for the LP’s lead single “Perform This Way”.

SURPRISE MUSICAL APPEARANCE BY: Taylor Hanson on piano. If you may recall, the “Amish Paradise” artist made a cameo in Hanson’s “Been Thinking ‘Bout Something” music video last year.

ALBUM PRODUCER: Weird Al, naturally.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE LP: Here’s exactly what to expect from Alpocolypse — check the track listing below:

1. “Perform This Way” — A “Born This Way” parody that almost wasn’t. Spoiler alert: see what Weird Al is wearing as he rocks PTW live. 2. “CNR” — The pop music satirist channels Jack White for this ode to late entertainer Charles Nelson Reilly. 3. “TMZ” — “You Belong With Me” parody. Even Alfred has his own run-in with the “news” gossip show. 4. “Skipper Dan” — A Weird Al original that tells the sad tale of Dan, a Julliard graduate who makes his living as a guide on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise ride. 5. “Polka Face” — A medley of over 16 songs, including Gaga’s “Poker Face”, Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and Kid Cudi’s “Day N Night”. 6. “Craigslist”  — If you couldn’t tell from Al’s look in this music video, he’s paying homage to The Doors. 7. “Party In The CIA” — A Miley Cyrus “Party In the USA” parody, which is quite “timely in the wake of the Osama Bin Laden assassination”. 8. “Ringtone“—  Spoofs Queen, and awful cellphone ringtones. “Don’t Stop Me Now” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” anyone? 9. “Another Tattoo” — “Nothin’ On You” parody, perhaps directed at Justin Bieber. 10. “If That Isn’t Love” — Another original tune, will this be another in the line of “Do I Creep You Out” and “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” Weird Al songs? 11. “Whatever You Like” — Parody of the T.I. song of the same name covers the Wall Street crash of 2008. 12. “Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me” — The song we’re most excited to hear.

TOUR PLANS: Weird Al already kicked off his Summer tour on May 19 in New Brunswick at The State Theatre.

OUR THOUGHTS: The Internet has allowed for an instant response time for parody songs and videos — heck, even a wannabe genuine pop song can become a viral joke by accident. Though the game has changed, and despite some new faces in the musical comedy scene, we doubt any of them will have the lasting power that Weird Al has had. The singer-songwriter is still up to the moment on all things pop culture, and while fans who already purchased Internet Leaks back in 09 might not want to pay full price for only seven new songs, the deluxe version comes complete with 10 music videos. (Considering that one of the first cassette tapes we ever owned was Fat, this seems worth it to us.)You can pre-order the album here or wait until June 21, but do Al a solid and don’t (illegally) download these songs.

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