Meet Katy Perry’s 90s Alter Ego Kathy Beth Terry

Becky Bain | June 8, 2011 1:05 pm

Katy Perry is taking performance art to the nerdiest level. In her new video for “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”, the singer dons braces, specs and one seriously rad denim vest to play the part of 13-year old Kathy Beth Terry, a geeky girl with a love of science and social networking. You can friend Katy’s alter ego on Facebook and Twitter — and seriously, guys, she could really use a few friends. Check out a brace-faced Katy/Kathy explain her amigo woes below.

“I only have like… actually I don’t have any friends yet,” she says in a lisp. “I’ve been trying to add people, and, oh my god, I had this exclusive chat with Katy Perry! She said it was really her… she told me all kinds of things but I was sworn to secrecy.”

“I’ll get friends, I just need a little time.” Well, as of now, over 70,000 people have liked her Facebook page. Congrats, Kathy!

And according to Kathy Beth’s Twitter page (which basically reads like nostalgia-filled site “I’m Remembering!”), Kathy’s likes are “Sudoku puzzles, the solar system, high-school science fairs, Skip-It, Weenie Babies and LOVE JTT!” The people she’s following include 90s heartthrobs Jared Leto, Devon Sawa, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hanson (who make a cameo in her new video) and Saved By The Bell hunks Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosselaar. What, Jonathan Taylor Thomas doesn’t have a Twitter?

As far as video previews go, we wouldn’t mind getting a dozen more of these before the video premieres on June 14.