Lady Gaga Almost Loses Her Head On ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’

Becky Bain | June 9, 2011 3:23 pm

Continuing her fashion-themed week, Lady Gaga took her Smurf-tastic head of hair from the CFDA Awards in New York to Deutschland to perform on Germany’s Next Top Model. The chart topping singer played a mini-acoustic version of “Born This Way” before jumping up from her piano to bust out her current single “The Edge Of Glory”. Instead of dancing atop a mountain, Gaga’s set pieces this time around were guillotines labeled with words like “Vanity”. Uh, she does know she’s performing on a show featuring models, right? Performance below.

Being that she’s in Germany and all, she begins with the intro to Born This Way track “Shieβe”, and since we doubt the dance tune will get the single treatment (in this country, at least), this may be one of those rare times you’ll ever hear the fräulein chanting the song on live TV.

“I would kill for fashion,” growls Gaga after her performance. We think she means it.