UPDATED: Britney Spears Covers Madonna’s “Burning Up”

Becky Bain | June 9, 2011 4:04 pm

The rumor that Britney Spears will be covering Madonna’s “Burning Up” on her Femme Fatale tour just got a little more traction. A leak of Brit-Brit covering her pop idol’s 1983 single has surfaced, and since everything that the “I Wanna Go” gal performs live comes pre-recorded, it makes sense that an upcoming “live” cover would, too. Listen to a brief snippet (looped for a mesmerizing minute) of Spears doing her best Madge below. UPDATE: Brit’s full cover version has finally surfaced! Feel the heat of “Burning Up” below.

We can’t say Madonna’s 28-year-old single needed a Brit makeover, but hey, anything to spark the possibility of a Madonna cameo on one of her tour stops is fine by us.

[Via PopDust]