Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The ‘4’ In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | June 10, 2011 5:30 pm

Over the past week, Beyonce’s new LP 4 leaked online nearly a month ahead of its release date. This caused much back-and-forth between curious Bey fans and haters alike. Another Internet drama: the supposed Twitter feud between American Idol alumni James Durbin and Adam Lambert. Want to know what our readers had to say about all these pop shenanigans? Read on! :: Why At Work offered deaf ears to Scotty McCreery Sings About A Fling In New Song “Out Of Summertime”: “Still I don’t hear him singing. If he can sing like I sing in the shower and car, then I have a chance on X Factor. LOL”

James Durbin Adam Lambert
:: DJ turned the volume down on Adam Lambert And James Durbin Settle Their Feud Over Twitter: “Sounds like the only time Durbin gets press is when he mentions Lambert’s name. Whataya know……..he’s getting free press again. Never thought there was a ‘fued’. Its when lame bloggers like MJ & this site turn a non story into a big story.”

:: Brettonwood, also clearly not into the Durbinator: “I doubt Durbin ever crossed Lambert’s mind for a second unless specifically asked. I’m sure he has more important things to think about.”

:: ghrrt3, however, will clearly not be visiting Glam Nation anytime soon: “Adam Lambert classy? Please, he’s always been a self absorbed creep. He’s already fading away. He’s always in the news about something he said or did, his look, or his boyfriend, never about his music. He is clinging desperately to his 15 minutes.”

:: Verrsa uninvited themselves from Beyonce, Andrew 3000 & Kanye West Have A Slow-Jam “Party” On New 4 Track: “if this is the way she parties, then it’s boring.”

:: Supermariah let out a whistle-register squeal on Beyonce Wants Your “Love On Top” In New Song: “She will never be a DIVA..to the vocal Levels of the big three (3) WHITNEY,MARIAH and CELINE.. but this song is not bad at all..Good try.”

:: Mo had to show who’s Queen Bey, though: “She’s already a diva…and on their level, if not already surpassing their level…she’s more consistent that they have ever been so stop hating. cuz u KNOW this song is FIRE. Haters are so annoying. I’m definitely buying 4.”

:: Art was at sixes and sevens over Summer Preview: Beyonce’s 4: “I don’t know why (kidding, I’ve already heard the album #sadface) but I have a bad feeling about this album… I kinda miss ‘B’Day’ and ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’. Beyoncé, here’s what you have to do: ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! Got it? Now… Go!”

:: ParadoX gave a warm welcome on Hear Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” With Adam Levine: “I’m glad to hear some new Gym Class Heroes songs! It’s good to see Travie didn’t float away on the solo train. AND, I’m dying to hear more from The Papercut Chronicles II, I loved the first one when I heard it… wow… about 8 years ago? Much love GCH, your music is my inspiration – keep changing for the best, sirs.”