Kids React To Lady Gaga

Idolator Staff | June 12, 2011 2:07 pm

Over the past couple years or so, we’ve learned to take Lady Gaga’s many, um, eccentricities in stride. Meat dress? Okay. Donning a baby bump mid-performance on live TV? Fine. Songs about loving Jesus’ traitorous disciple, featuring lyrics about ear condoms? Sure, why not! But let’s take a moment to ponder the impression the currently aqua-bobbed fashion icon has on younger minds, shall we? The Fine Brothers have used their “Kids React To” YouTube series to do just that, revealing that the youth of America responds to Lady Gaga — well, just about the same way we do. Watch below.

Like these kids, we have also widened our eyes, shaken our heads, and screamed “What are you doing?” at the TV a couple of times in response to Mother Monster’s more outrageous behavior.

But we have to say, some of these youngsters make some pretty astute comments about the too-hot-for-Lebanon diva (especially the boy in the black T-shirt, who may just have a future as a music critic). Comparisons to Madonna, concern that some of her new songs are too reminiscent of old ones — are these kids reading Idolator or what?

Of course, there are some slightly less insightful answers as well, such as this reaction to how she got her stage name: “Because she’s a lady, and her last name is Gaga.” And we’re loving the little boy who can’t get over her “huge eyes.”

What did you think?