Lady Gaga Is A Little Mermaid On ‘Le Grand Journal’

Becky Bain | June 15, 2011 3:01 pm

Lady Gaga has brought out guillotines and hairy keyboards for her recent European performances of  “The Edge Of Glory”, and on Le Grand Journal, she transforms herself into a mermaid wearing a blouse from the early 90s. Between Gaga’s Mer-look and Laurieann Gibson’s hint that things were going to get “fishy”, does this mean we’re in for some undersea adventure with her new video? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow when it premieres on So You Think You Can Dance? Til then, hop below to catch the pop star making a splash.

“The Edge Of Glory”

Let’s hope Gaga gets a brief break after this – her vocals sound a bit strained after an endless string of live performances. Rest that voice, Gaga! We don’t want you to get laryngitis, too.

Check out her interview, most notable for the crowd chanting the “whoa”s from Usher’s “OMG” upon her entrance. (Skip to 2:10 for the video to start.)