Cody Simpson Hunts For Love In His “On My Mind” Video

Idolator Staff | June 18, 2011 12:07 pm

We’ve got a brand new reason to say “iYiYi” — it’s a new video from Cody Simpson! Those who think Justin Bieber is getting a little long in the tooth will be grateful for new material from the even-more-pint-sized Aussie, who recently toured with Gaga-loving child prodigy Greyson Chance. Now the B96 Summer Bash performer has unleashed the video for his new single “On My Mind,” featuring the teen star wandering around a shopping mall asking people if they’ve seen the girl of his dreams. And, um, hacking into the mall’s computer system to broadcast her picture all over the place. Sweet, right? Watch it below.

Comparisons to a certain Canadian superstar aside, we think the Aussie could use some advice from the Biebs (or Debbie Gibson) on how to woo the ladies, since carrying a Polaroid pic of his crush around a shopping mall asking if anyone has seen the girl in question is borderline creepy. (Unless she’s been kidnapped, in which case this video’s storyline becomes vastly more interesting.) The “On My Mind” visual also hedges its bets and serves as a lyrics video, too — which is totally unnecessary, since the lyrics are pretty easy to make out. The words on the bottom of the screen end up just being distracting.

We’re glad things end well for Cody and his Polaroid-loving gal pal in “On My Mind,” despite his unconventionally persistent, detective-like seduction technique. (Perhaps he wants to continue following in Justin’s footsteps with a gig on CSI?) We know it’s supposed to come off as sweet, innocent, and harmless.

Still, we’d advise Cody to ease up a bit next time he’s at the mall, and do a little more shopping, a little less stalking. There will be plenty of time for the ladies after he’s outgrown playing in ball pits, right?