Boy Bands Are Making A Comeback On Lance Bass’ New VH1 Reality Show

Idolator Staff | June 19, 2011 11:08 am

Move over, ladies and solo gents — the boys are back in town. Or so former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass is hoping, since he’s putting together a new reality show in which newly-created boy bands vie for a shot at, um, relevance in a world that has long since moved past the 90’s and early 00’s obsession with four or five dreamy dudes crooning their hearts out sans instruments. (At least he’s not trying to act again.) So, in addition to the occasionally glam Bass, which of your favorite Tiger Beat poster pull-outs of yesteryear will be making an appearance on the VH1 Voice-esque competition? Find out below.

According to Vulture, the new show will see former boy band members like N*Sync’s Joey Fatone, New Kids On The Block’s Joe McIntyre, and The Backstreet Boys’ A.J. McLean leading teams of hopeful young lads to potential glory. (What, no 98 Degrees?) New Edition’s Bobby Brown is also in talks to join the roster — to which we say, hey, as long as there’s no one representing LFO, we’re golden.

For now, we can only guess at the challenges — dancing and singing while pretending to be a puppet, over-emoting from behind dark sunglasses at night with your shirt open when it’s raining, and trying not to be upstaged by the inevitable Justin Timberlake of your group. How many references do you think we’ll get to particular contestants having the “Right Stuff” and claiming “It’s Gonna Be Me”? Our guess — plenty.

In fact, we say the cheesier the better — may we suggest the following apologetic send-off for the judges? “I’m sorry, but God must not have spent quite enough time on you. I’m afraid we have to show you the meaning of being lonely.”

We also anticipate pretty much all of these guys using the show as a platform to make their own comebacks J-Lo-on-Idol-style, so expect a lot of former boy band member solo projects coming up in the near future. (Or maybe they’ll all just get together for one big mega-collaboration like this?)

What do you think about a boy band reality competition? Do you want it that way, or were you ready to say bye bye bye to this fad a decade ago?