Britney Spears Has A Naughty Daydream In “I Wanna Go” Video

Becky Bain | June 22, 2011 8:53 am

Every bit of spark we thought was still missing from Britney Spears during her Femme Fatale live show is there in spades in her delightful (and flat out funny) video for “I Wanna Go”, which touches on so many random bits of pop culture – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, The Terminator, Half Baked — and features an array of jaw-dropping moments (Brit squeezing a fan’s butt! Brit flashing a cop!), we think we’re the one’s daydreaming. Watch below!

Best of all, Britney, who focuses her energy on being too darn cute (and deliciously naughty) instead of having to worry about dancing, is in on the joke and loving it all. Shame on us for ever doubting Brit’s enthusiasm!

Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go”

One question, though — since when does Britney do press conferences?