Beyonce Travels The World In Her ‘4’ Target Ad

Becky Bain | June 23, 2011 11:00 am

Beyonce has said that she took a year off from performing and recording so she could focus on living her fabulous life, and the singer’s personal travels ’round the world are documented in her Target ad, promoting the deluxe edition of her new album 4. The commercial, which features songs “1+1” and “Countdown”, is only 30 seconds long, so we’re pretty sure they left out most of the things Bey did in that year. Thank heavens the paparazzi picked up the slack so we know just how many boats Beyonce relaxed upon in all that time off!

“It’s hard to see when life moves so fast,” says Beyonce in the ad. “So I left the stage, and I joined the audience.I didn’t perform, I observed. And what I saw inspired me.”

Listen to one of the six new jams on Beyonce’s deluxe edition of 4 — the 80s-inspired “Schoolin’ Life”.