Taio Cruz Is Still “Cryin’ Over You” In His Video With Nightcrawlers

Robbie Daw | June 23, 2011 12:54 pm

PopJustice posted Nightcrawlers and Taio Cruz’s video for “Cryin’ Over You” (not, oldies fans, a Roy Orbison cover), and branded it an “atrocity.” We thought to ourselves, why, surely it can’t be that bad. Then we watched. Take in the romp below. For the Nightcrawlers-illiterate, the Scottish “act” is basically one guy, John Reid, who had an early ’90s club hit with the song “Push The Feeling On.” Folks on this side of the pond are likely more familiar with Kelly Clarkson’s 2002 American Idol winner’s song “A Moment Like This,” which Reid co-wrote.

What folks on either side of the pond probably never anticipated getting familiar with was the randy Reid being swarmed by a bevy of babes at his mansion, who proceed to rub him all over till he beds down with three of them. (Writing Platinum-selling hits gives you stamina, gents!)

As for MuchMusic Video Awards winner Taio, he just kind of shows up with all the pretty young things at the beginning of the video and initiates what PopJustice calls the whole “let’s have the orgy at dad’s house” shebang.

Nice song, though, and if anything, it’s got us going back to dig out Nightcrawlers’ 1999 flop “Never Knew Love.” Now that was a jam.