Eminem Pulls The Trigger In His “Space Bound” Video

Becky Bain | June 24, 2011 3:25 pm

Though Eminem has the #1 album in the country as part of duo Bad Meets Evil, the MC is still rolling out videos from his last solo effort, the chart-topping, Grammy-winning Recovery. His long-delayed “Space Bound” vid could be Part 2 of the tumultuous, violent relationship seen in his “Love The Way You Lie” clip, except this time Eminem fills in the lead role — twice over. The rapper plays two versions of himself, and neither of their stories turn out well. Watch the unsettling video below.

Joseph Kahn, who was originally supposed to helm Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory” video until a last-minute, drama-filled switch, directed the “Space Bound” video, while porn star Sasha Grey plays his love interest.

Eminem – “Space Bound”

Upon entering the diner, Kahn splits the story into two narratives, with one Eminem joining his girlfriend in a booth, while the other sits at the counter. His girlfriend leaves the booth, and Em looks at her text messages and confirms his suspicions that she’s cheating on him.

When he confronts her later in their house, he can’t contain his violent urges, and attacks her. The only thing is — she’s no longer there. (Was she ever?) Em, distraught, pulls a gun on himself and, shockingly, pulls the trigger. Blood spurts out in slow-mo as Shady falls to the ground.

At the same time, the alternate version of Em, sitting at the diner he and his girlfriend pulled up to, is struck by the same bullet, and blood shoots out the back of his head as well. The video ends as we see one lone Em walking the streets at night, just as he did in the beginning of the video.

We’re still trying to process what this all means — but feel free to give your interpretation in the comments.